Women to Watch™ Media


TM² Creations has been with Women To Watch Media since 2013. When I first joined my duties were to update the website with weekly Guest Interviews and to make any minor edits the client requested. As time went on, my duties expanded and I slowly took over full management of the website.

Below are screen grabs of the website when I first joined the team. Soon after, we moved to a new content management system.

When we moved to the new content management system (CMS), we wanted to create a cleaner, more intuitive website that was packed with content. You can see the screen grabs of that website below.

In late 2016, that CMS went out of business and we were forced to relocate. TM² Creations handled everything from researching different content management systems that met our needs while staying within the clients budget, to transferring and reorganizing content from the old site to the new.

With the clients approval we spent a few weeks, building and thoroughly reviewing the new website and in December 2016 we launched the new and improved Women to Watch™ Media website!

Services Provided for Women to Watch™ Media:

  • Website creation
  • Content migration
  • Monthly newsletter – creation and distribution
  • Contact database management – adding/removing of contacts, updating contact information.
  • Weekly Guest Interview posts
  • Guest Lineup upkeep