“We were living with a website that had been launched in 2008…antique by 21 Century standards. We recruited Taylor to reinvent it as best and as economically as she could…she succeeded! She gave us a clean, user-friendly, logical design and functionality; she questioned a few of our general ideas and led us to better decisionsContinue reading “Kay Square Press, Inc.”

Kay Square Press, Inc.

“Creating a new website was something we put off for years.  It became a cause of constant consternation, knowing that it needed doing but dreading the amount of time and resources it would take to complete.  Taylor alleviated all of our apprehensions; she developed a sleek, modern design for our website and mapped out aContinue reading “The Claude Giroux Foundation”

The Claude Giroux Foundation

“Starting my business I was clueless with where to begin with my website design. The ins and outs of making a dynamic website that stands out from competitors is extremely important for small businesses. I sent some information and pictures to Taylor and she created a beautiful website design for my Art Studio. Whenever IContinue reading “Willow’s Workshop, LLC.”

Willow’s Workshop, LLC.

“I met Taylor seven years ago when I was just starting my company and brought her on as an intern. Since the beginning, Taylor has worked tirelessly to help build the Women to Watch Media® brand and is now a full-fledged member of our team. With no hold-handing necessary she has helped to implement our website, social mediaContinue reading “Women To Watch Media®”

Women To Watch Media®